The Prosperity Approach

How to Recognize Misalignment & Quickly Realign Yourself

Episode Summary

LauraAura unpacks what alignment looks and feels like, practical ways to quickly realign, and the physical benefits that come from alignment

Episode Notes

Do you know what alignment is? Can you tell when you are out of alignment? Why is it important to be able to get back into your personal flow? Do you know how to do that in a practical way? 

Having in mind that clients have often asked me about this topic, I’m sure it will probably resonate with most of you. And, to be honest, I also need a good conversation about this, so I invited a real expert in this field to join us today. 

I’m excited to introduce you to LauraAura, an alignment coach for driven female entrepreneurs and a soul sister of mine. 

She helps female entrepreneurs undo the “shoulds” of life and business and reclaim the parts of themselves that they have unintentionally given away to people, circumstances, or situations so that they can create the aligned business they actually want.

Laura is the CEO of Worx & Co, an urban branding studio, speaker, author, and all-around visionary. She’s also the host of The Gutsy Podcast, which is designed to empower women in business while humanizing the realness that happens behind the scenes.

As she says, she’ll be the first person to push you out of your comfort zone and the last to hug you as you head to the next level of your life. Laura’s energy is contagious – an Aura – and if you’re up for the challenge, she just might trick you into believing in yourself!

This woman is going to unpack (mis)alignment for us today. Tune in for this episode as we’re going to discuss:

- what alignment looks and feels like

- practical ways to quickly realign 

- the physical benefits that come from alignment

Let’s dive in right now!

Key Takeaways:

- Intro (00:00)

- Who is LauraAura (01:43)

- Just take a minute to come back into yourself (02:55)

- How to recognize that we're out of our bodies? (07:11)

- When we’re out of alignment, LauraAura suggests this (14:10)

- What’s (mis)aligned success? (17:10)

- A powerful alignment story: I think that's my building (24:52)

- What if you're aligned with your vision, but everything is falling apart? (30:56)

- How to connect with LauraAura (33:09)

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